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Alliance’s “Edward Foote” a richly textured, quite enjoyable Southern Gothic -Altogether, Edward Foote is a terrific show that celebrates a local, prolific playwright and an all-Atlanta cast. DePoy has said that this production is the first in his “Appalachian trilogy,” which will include themes present in Shakespeare’s Macbeth as well as the mythological Tristan and Isolde. Let’s hope the Alliance Theatre’s Susan Booth has already cleared calendar space. JIM FARMER, ARTS ATL

Alliance Theatre’s “Edward Foote” is currently riveting audiences on the Hertz Stage. MANNING HARRIS Intown

Atlanta playwright Phillip DePoy's EDWARD FOOTE is a haunting evocation of a seemingly simpler bygone time and place. DePoy is also music director, and its handful of moody a capella songs resonates. BERT OSBORN ATLANTA JOURNAL-CONSTITUTION


Gothic murder mystery set against the haunting music of Appalachian folk song, by Atlanta’s own Phillip DePoy. A stranger comes to town, looking terribly familiar to the residents of a tiny rugged Appalachian community in the 1930s. Could it be that Edward Foote, a drunken good-for-nothing father, has returned? In this Southern Gothic mystery, a small community is forced to reveal its darkest secrets. This world premiere noir features a captivating story told against the backdrop of folk songs and haunting shape note singing (as featured in the film Cold Mountain). Phillip DePoy, a pillar of the Atlanta theatre community, marries his love of mystery writing and theatrical classics in a gothic new work.


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