Phillip DePoy


Issue: January 1, 2017
The English Agent. DePoy, Phillip (Author) Feb 2017. 320 p. Minotaur, hardcover, $26.99. (9781250058430). e-book, $12.99. (9781466862593).
A game to rival Shakespearean comedy is afoot in the realm of Queen Elizabeth I, refereed by FrancisWalsingham, with Kit Marlowe as key player. Readers who snap up M. J. Trow’s Kit Marlowe mysteries,
with their charming, snarky hero, also will appreciate the witty and well-connected student-playwright
Marlowe of DePoy’s series. This time it’s clear from the start that the usually lighthearted Kit faces
unusually serious challenges as he engages with Beak, a rather talented spy, and with gypsy travelers and
the King of the Weird Folk. Complicating matters, Kit is commanded to shoot a poet he admires. Violence, treachery, and rumors of assassinations mix with masquerade, plagiarism, and tongue-in-cheek playacting in an intricate plot that carries readers into the heart of Elizabethan-era social contrasts and political conundrums. The hapless Marlowe skates very close to disaster in service to his queen in this surprisingly suspenseful romp that includes a good number of well-portrayed historical figures alongside the fictional dramatis personae. Readers may be similarly intrigued by the spy-jester in Alan Gordon’s Fools’ Guild mysteries, especially The Parisian Prodigal, and by Edward Marston’s Nicholas Bracewell series.
— Jen Baker

Winner: best play and best world premiere, now available for production.


"I want to tell ancient stories in a new way."

Phillip DePoy began his work as a writer in 1965 with the Actors and Writers Workshop. Ten years later he had become a published poet and acquired a Master’s degree in performance art. Soon thereafter he became a writer in residence for the Georgia Council for the Arts and a nationally reviewed performance artist. In the 1980s he was the composer in residence for the Academy Theatre. In the 1990s he was the Artistic Director of Theatrical Outfit, a professional, Equity theatre. Since then he has served as the director of several university theatre programs. Fiction publications include Flap Tucker mysteries published at Dell (one was a Shamus finalist), seven Fever Devilin novels and a stand-alone called THE KING JAMES CONSPIRACY from St. Martin's, and a non-fiction THE TAO AND THE BARD from the Arcade house. There have also been forty-two productions of plays he's written, including the Edgar Award winning EASY, best mystery play of 2002. Most recent theatrical achievements include the award-winning EDWARD FOOTE at the Alliance Theatre and the twentieth national production of APPALACHIAN CHRISTMAS HOMECOMING. New and Now Available: two new fiction series, one featuring Christopher Marlowe in the court of Queen Elizabeth I, and the other concerning Foggy Moscowitz, a Jewish car thief from Brooklyn working for Child Protective Services in 1970s Florida.


ORDER HERE Second in the MARLOWE mysteries!
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Christopher Marlowe, playwright, poet, rake--and on secret service to Queen Elizabeth, working to save her life.
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