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Some Plays by Phillip DePoy:

Easy (Edgar Award Winner)
Appalachian Christmas
Turned Funny
Stealing Dixie
Christmas at Sweet Apple
Lamb on Fire (NYC)
Messages from Dead Women

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Literary Work

The Deadman's Daughter
A cool new Fever Devilin short story in Alfred Hitchock's Mystery Magazine!

Due out in January of 2013

December's Thorn
A folklorist by training, Fever Devilin returned to his family home in Blue Mountain, a small town in Georgia's Appalachian Mountains. Nothing is ever quite what it seems. The past is always complicated. Still recovering from a near-death experience, Fever is visited by a woman claiming to be his wife. Due out in January, 20123. Available now.
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The Tao and the Bard
A conversation between Shakespeare and Lao Tzu--in their own words. Due out in May, 2013.

A Corpse's Nightmare
Fever Devilin is killed by an intruder. He doesn’t stay dead - thanks to an emergency medical team - but he does slip into a months-long coma.


A new short story in Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine, a new character, Foggy Moscowitz, and a kid named Linda that you don't want to mess with.
Seventh in the Fever Devilin series, this one takes on the Tristan/Isolde mythology.
Sixth in the Fever Devilin series, Fever dies on the first page.
New Nonfiction
A conversation between Shakespeare and Lao Tzu in their own words.

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