Phillip DePoy

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Saturday September 3, 12:30-1:15
In 1583, the nineteen-year-old Christopher Marlowe–with a reputation as a brawler, a womanizer, a genius, and a social upstart at Cambridge University–is visited by a man representing Marlowe's benefactors. There are rumors of a growing plot against her majesty Queen Elizabeth I. Her spymaster, Sir Francis Walsingham, has charged Marlowe with tracking down the truth. The path to that truth seems to run through a prisoner held in a heavily guarded dungeon in Malta. Marlowe must use every bit of his wits and daring to unravel one of the greatest mysteries in history involving the government of Spain, high ranking English nobles, and even Pope himself.
Phillip DePoy
Phillip DePoy is an Edgar Award winner, a playwright, and a scholar. He is the author of a seventeen novels, including the Christopher Marlowe series. He lives in Decatur, Georgia.
Curt Holman is editor of Living Intown magazine, an award-winning publication of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. An Atlanta native, he has written for Creative Loafing, Atlanta Magazine, American Theatre,, Paste and many others. He lives in Chamblee and is a member of the Southeast Film Critics Association.


The first Foggy Moscowitz novel is coming soon. A Jewish car thief from Brooklyn endsup in Florida working for the first office of Child Protective Services, for personal reasons. During the course of this investigation he saves a baby from its addict mother, learns a few secrets from Seminole mystics, and foils a vast land-grab scam by an uber-rich felon!
novel series
Christopher Marlowe, playwright, poet, rake--and on secret service to Queen Elizabeth, working to save her life.
NOW AVAIALBE! a twisted version of Oedipus set in Depression Era Appalachia
A short story in the new Bouchercon Anthology, MURDER AT THE BEACH!
A conversation between Shakespeare and Lao Tzu in their own words.

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